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We get stuck in behavioral patterns and cycles when we fail to understand why we do what we do. In my experience, people will have a very difficult time making desired changes in their lives, especially those that are challenging and stressful, if they do not have the opportunity to explore and fundamentally understand what motivates them, and what holds them back. 


I believe that our failure to understand our behavior results from shared cultural ideas about how we “should” feel, and about what is or is not rational. This tendency, I believe, is problematic because if we fail to understand our feelings, they will manifest unconsciously and wreak havoc in our lives in far more damaging ways than they otherwise would if we understood them.  


I believe that success in therapy hinges on our willingness to be vulnerable; to give ourselves permission to express how we truly feel as we need to understand our insecurities and fears. It is only when we do this that we can appreciate what holds us back from doing what we want and need to do in life. At that point, practical behavioral changes can be incredibly effective and transformative, and are more likely to be fully embraced.  


While my approach to therapy differs from person to person, I strive to provide a safe and disarming environment for my clients to give themselves permission to be exactly as they are now and, in so doing, to understand their feelings and behavioral patterns well enough to yield relevant behavioral changes that will profoundly improve the quality of their lives. I use a variety of interventions and modalities, such as CBT, DBT, psychodynamic and psychoanalytic principles, and others, and I am generally influenced by meditation and mindfulness.  

I look forward to working with you!

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